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June 28 Phillips County Raceway results reported PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Drivers traveled to the Phillips County Raceway Sunday, June 28 for races in the hobby stock, sport modified, modified and stock car events.

Upcoming races on Saturday, July 4 have been rescheduled from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. to allow time for Holyoke’s fireworks display located at City Park.

Results from June 28 are as follows, and racers are listed in order of placing:

Hobby Stock

Hobby Stock Main Event—Austin Davis, Leland Stute, Mike Woodhead, Ron Edge, Nick Newman, Litton Stute, Cody Dewester, Bill Triplette, Mike Kennedy, Martha Newman, Mike Lininger.

Hobby Stock Heat 1—Edge, Kennedy, Woodhead, Lininger, Martha Newman, Litton Stute.

Hobby Stock Heat 2—Dewester, Leland Stute, Nick Newman, Triplette, Davis.

Sport Modified

Sport Modified Main Event—Bryan Herrick, Jim Weigel, Mitchell Opatic, Dan Vaurina, Lloyd Cuckow, Jim Kalous, Kyle Cuckow, Chad Young, Colt Gibbs, Max Pollmann, Justin Helgoth.

Sport Modified Heat 1—Weigel, Young, Pollmann, Gibbs, Vaurina, Helgoth.

Sport Modified Heat 2—Opatic, Kalous, Kyle Cuckow, Lloyd Cuckow, Herrick.


Modified Main Event—Jay Shelling, Eddie Belec, Domonic Ursetta, Jeremy Frenier, Matt Brack, Kyle Clough, Will Brack, Don Geist, Brett Smith, Chuck Jensen, Garrett Sporhase, Dick Brack, Jim Gronewold, David Murray, DJ Banks, Bob Ruppel, Zack Helzer, Nick Enger, Justin Bussell, Joe Bellum, Kyle Malony, Ken Malony.

Modified Heat 1—Frenier, Ursetta, Schelling, Hilzer, Kyle Malony, Ruppel, Speicher.

Modified Heat 2—Murray, Will Brack, Matt Brack, Sporhase, Smith, Bussell, Gronewold, Dick Brack.

Modified Heat 3—Ken Malony, Belec, Geist, Enger, Bellum, Kyle Clough, Jensen, Schwartz, Banks.

Stock Car

Stock Car Main Event—Jesse Taylor, Lloyd Meeske, Casey Woken, Shane Stout, Brandon Clough, Shawn Bigham, Jeremy Halouska, Ivan Wiebke, Michael Dancer.

Stock Car Heat 1—Taylor, Dancer, Wiebke, Brandon Clough, Bigham.

Stock Car Heat 2—Woken, Meeske, Halouska, Stout.