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FCCLA chapter members soar to new heights for a successful year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
    With the state FCCLA theme “Heroes Happen Here,” Holyoke chapter members have soared to new heights this year, said 2008-09 chapter president Phawn Carper as she opened the Thursday, May 7 member recognition program.
    In addition to praising member achievement, the evening program provided a chance to acknowledge parents and community leaders for their support.
    Senior Phawn Carper was honored as FCCLA Member of the Year for the second straight year. Advisor Susan Ortner noted while presenting the award that it is rare for a student to receive the award more than once. Carper was voted member of the year by her fellow chapter members.
    Special guest presenter Joy Schafer acknowledged sophomore Janna Smith for receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award through the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for her Gymkhana for the Cure of Diabetes project. Smith started the project for FCCLA and expanded it in 4-H with Leadership.    
    Ortner was also excited to announce she had just received word that afternoon from Johnson and Wales University that scholarships were to be awarded to the State first and second-place teams in Applied Technology, Entrepreneurship and Job Interview.
    Receiving first-place scholarships worth $1,000 are Applied Technology team members Mallory Bennett, Ella Stewart and Marci Vasa. Second-place $750 scholarships will go to Taylor Haidle in Entrepreneurship and Janna Smith in Job Interview.
    Two new Friends of FCCLA were named for their numerous contributions to the local FCCLA chapter. Those honored were Harvey and Nancy Colglazier.
    Before announcing the ROSE Awards, Ortner thanked new advisor Rebecca Helm for being a tremendous help to her this year. She added, “I know the organization is in very capable hands as I take on a reduced role next year as chapter advisor.”
    Helm, in turn, thanked Ortner and the chapter members for making her first year such a great experience, noting she looks forward to working with FCCLA again next year.
    ROSE Awards were presented in Recognition of Superior Effort. In addition to certificates, first-year recipients received a patch to wear on their letter jackets to display their national program pins.
    Four-year ROSE Award winners include seniors Phawn Carper and Krista Schafer. Third-year awards went to juniors Duncan Brandt, Nicole Brandt, Kyle Carper, Megan Colglazier, Taylor Haidle and Nora Roth.
    Second-year awards were earned by senior LeAnne McWilliams, junior Kimberly Peña and sophomores Mallory Bennett, Briar Bergner, Becca Brandt, Heather Duester, Cody Fricke, Ella Stewart and Marci Vasa. First-year awards went to freshmen Amy Krogmeier, Erin Lebsack, Jeremy Loutensock, Whitni Redman and Jordan Zeiler.
    To earn a ROSE Award, members must attain 75 percent of the total points possible throughout the year. Sixty-three percent of the 35 chapter members achieved the honor, said Ortner.
    Nineteen members will represent HHS FCCLA at the national leadership meeting in Nashville, Tenn. in July. Fifteen of those students will be competing on six teams in six different STAR events, then will serve as evaluators when they don’t compete. Four members will attend specifically to evaluate.
    New officers installed for 2009-10 at the end of Thursday night’s program were Megan Colglazier, president; Mallory Bennett, vice president and district president; Ella Stewart, secretary; Taylor Haidle, treasurer and district secretary; Jordan Zeiler, reporter/student council representative; and Whitni Redman, historian/parliamentarian.
    Chapter parents for 2009-10 are Susan Bennett, Gloria Bergner and Harvey and Nancy Colglazier.
    Honorary members in attendance at last week’s program were Dan Ortner, Brenda Brandt, Theresa Ortner, Dave and Adria Colver and Gene Daise.
    Also attending were individuals honored as Friends of FCCLA in past years, including Gloria Bergner, Max Bernard, Sharon Murray, Laura Roth and Jeff and Theresa Tharp.
    Hometown Heroes recognition was given to parents and friends of FCCLA who volunteered throughout the year. Gifts for their efforts were presented to Gloria Bergner, Gary and Paula Carper, Dave and Adria Colver, Harvey and Nancy Colglazier, Jeff and Theresa Tharp and Dan Ortner.
    National program awards were announced as follows:
    Completing all five modules of the Power of One program were Mallory Bennett, Nicole Brandt, Megan Colglazier, Ella Stewart, Duncan Brandt, Krista Schafer, Nora Roth and Taylor Haidle.
    Step One and Speak Out—Emily Bradley, Amy Krogmeier, Jordan Zeiler, Erin Lebsack, Jeremy Loutensock, Whitni Redman, Geoffrey Mattson, Pamela McWilliams and Tessa Dizmang.
    Be a Part of It—Phawn Carper, Megan Colglazier and Kyle Carper.
    Financial Fitness—Bennett, Briar Bergner, Bradley, Duncan Brandt, Kyle Carper, Phawn Carper, Colglazier, Brian DeBoer, Heather Duester, Haidle, Lebsack, LeAnne McWilliams, Kimberly Peña, Roth, Schafer, Stewart, Austin Tharp, Marci Vasa, Zeiler and Cody Fricke.
    Student Body—Duester, Peña, Becca Brandt, Kaylee Groshans and Pamela McWilliams.
    Families First—Brooke Parker.
    Career Connections—Haidle, Janna Smith and Zeiler.
    Chapter Service—Duncan Brandt, Nicole Brandt, Geoffrey Mattson, Becca Brandt, Kyle Carper, Colglazier, Fricke, Haidle, Krogmeier, Loutensock, LeAnne McWilliams, Pamela McWilliams, Parker, Roth, Stewart, Vasa and Zeiler.
    Dynamic Leadership—Phawn Carper, Colglazier, Bennett, Kyle Carper, Haidle and Nicole Brandt.
    In her outgoing president comments, Phawn Carper said over the past four years, she has experienced hard work, dedication, organization and developed friendships and memories to last a lifetime.
    Along with these important life skills, she also learned some other not-so-important things such as Kyle being able to fit 41 grapes in his mouth and that Mrs. O. (Ortner) is definitely a wrestling mom, “because she’s taken me down a couple of times.”
    Carper ended with a quote by Babe Ruth, “It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.” Through FCCLA, she said, she has learned to never give up. “I now confidently leave you in the hands of a young lady whom I know will do her part to keep this chapter running smoothly.,” she said of newly-installed president Megan Colglazier. “She is fun and creative and will uphold the strong tradition this chapter has created.”
    As she received the gavel, Colglazier acknowledged the privilege and honor to be elected president of such a prestigious chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.
    Reflecting on the past year she added, “The bar has been set high for us and we will succeed once again. Re-dedicate yourself with commitment and excitement for the upcoming FCCLA year. Be the hero of your own story.”