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Surgery, seizure postpone Ferguson's homecoming PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   
 “God does not give us more than we can handle” is what Connie Ferguson keeps repeating to herself as her daughter Brittney continues to face challenges in her recovery from her Sept. 25 auto accident. The 20-year-old had surgery on Friday, Feb. 20 followed by a seizure on Sunday which postponed her Holyoke homecoming.
 Brittney was transported from Craig Hospital to nearby Swedish Medical Center in Englewood for the surgery last Friday. The procedure removed a clot and aneurysm that was on an artery that feeds into the brain. Connie said, “It was a ticking time bomb and we are so grateful they found it.” The aneurysm was almost one inch in size, about eight times bigger than what the doctors originally thought.
 A CT scan before the surgery allowed the doctors to use Stealth technology. Brittney had fiducials placed on her head which Connie described as “donut things about the size of a fruit loop.” With this they could map Brittney’s head directly and pinpoint where to go within 1.5 millimeters. Connie noted she was very impressed with the procedure and technology.
 Before the surgery, the doctor feared that because the artery feeds into the area of the brain that controls motor functions for the right hand, mobility could be affected. Following the surgery Connie said, “He was pretty confident that it would not cause damage to her mobility seeing it was a smaller branch and there is still a lot of blood flow to that area.” The doctor also said he was pleased at how well the surgery went.
 While the surgery went well on Friday, Brittney faced another setback with a seizure early on Sunday morning. Her head was quite swollen as she hit a side rail pretty hard while seizing according to Brittney’s nurse. A CT scan reported that she looked fine.
 The doctor said it is not uncommon for patients to have a seizure after surgery and that two or three days after surgery there is usually swelling. Connie said, “The doctor says not to worry, which is easier said than done!”
 With no further complications, Brittney was moved back to Craig Hospital on Monday, Feb. 23. Connie reported, “Due to her seizure and the medicine they put her on at Swedish, she will have to stay here at least another 10 days to get her switched to a better seizure medicine.”
 Since Brittney’s Feb. 20 homecoming was postponed, they are now shooting for Friday, March 6 to bring Brittney home to Holyoke. Connie said, “We are anxious to get home but know Britt needs to be at a good stable place to do that.”
 Initially hospitalized at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Brittney suffered a fractured skull, multiple face fractures, broken ribs, a blown eye socket, fractured right ankle and foot wounds, among other traumas.
    On Oct. 14, Brittney was moved to Kindred Hospital in Denver, and a month later she relocated to Craig Hospital in Englewood.
 The recovery is very slow, but Brittney is still progressing. She eats through a feeding tube and can propel herself in a wheelchair. With good and bad days, Brittney does everything from screaming and crying to smiling and laughing.
 Connie said, “We still struggle for an effective way to communicate but she has gained in the area of where she will imitate or mimic things you do like thumbs up or making the ‘OK’ sign with your hand.”
    Brittney’s parents, Rance and Connie, as well as sister Amanda, a junior at HHS, have remained with her in the months since her accident.
    Correspondence can reach Brittney and her family at the following address:
Brittney Ferguson
Craig Hospital
3425 S. Clarkson St.
Englewood, CO 8011
 Recently, a benefit raffle was held for the Fergusons which was very successful.
 Connie expresses a big thank you for all the continued support. “We wouldn’t have been able to be where we are today emotionally without every prayer, every thought and every ounce of encouragement we have received!”