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Reader provides suggestion for new Supt. Help Wanted ad PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Wiebke   
    Help Wanted: District Re-1J school, Holyoke CO is looking for a superintendent of schools. Job entails overseeing operation of all activities of students, teachers, groundskeepers, bus drivers and everyone involved with the operation of the school.
    Duties of the superintendent include:
    1. Balance the budget even with declining enrollment and shrinking state dollars.
    2. Improve student achievement for all students.
    3. Obtain grants of all kinds to pay for programs required by the state.
    4. Start an innovative program to educate those kids not now attending school, and various other duties too numerous to mention.
    Qualifications: Doctorate in education with advanced knowledge of finance, psychology, personal management and athletics.
    Applicant must be willing to move his family to a small town 180 miles from any large shopping center and airport.
    Applicant must be of high moral character and conduct him/herself in such manner as to have a positive influence on the staff and student body, especially those kids who come from homes lacking in positive influence.
    He/she must insure (most of the time) the staff conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on the school, community and, most of all, the students. Applicants must be able to accomplish the duties and goals of the district while keeping a minimum of 90 percent of the patrons and staff happy.
    I believe we have had, for the past six years, an outstanding school administrator in Dr. Bohrer. His commitment to education, moral character and personal conduct are above reproach. He has accomplished a lot for the school and had to deal with unexpected financial challenges.
    Stephen and Sara are a great asset to the community and will be missed. Thank you Dr. Bohrer for your six years of service.
Sincerely,     Ivan Wiebke