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6-year-old bravely calls 911 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   
Everyone has been taught to call 911 in an emergency, but what will it be like in a real-life emergency situation?

“I wasn’t even scared to call 911,” said 6-year-old Serina Almeida.

She was given the opportunity to implement what she had been taught about calling 911 the morning of Friday, Oct. 2. The Holyoke Elementary first-grader didn’t have school that day and was home with her mom Jeanette Almeida.

Jeanette, with some health conditions including diabetes, had fallen in her bedroom and was in and out of consciousness.

Doing just like her mom taught her, Serina calmly called 911. “Serina just went into action,” said Jeanette.

Serina said on the 911 call she told them her mom passed out and wouldn’t wake up. The dispatcher asked her easy questions like what’s your mom’s name, what’s your name, how old are you and what is your address. Serina, having just moved into a new house, couldn’t remember the entire address, but she remembered the numbers that she saw outside on their mailbox.

When Shawna Bergstrom, the victim’s advocate, arrived at the house, Serina was told to put down the phone, answer the door, come back to the phone and hang it up. She did just that and waited with Bergstrom until the ambulance came.

Serina was a little shaky but didn’t cry until they took her mom to the ambulance. Jeanette just wanted to know, “Where’s Rinie? Who’s going to stay with her?” She managed to give them her daughter Raquel Orona’s phone number so she could come stay with Serina.

Because Serina acted quickly and called 911, her mom was able to get to the hospital and get the help she needed.

With her mom’s health issues, Serina has had to learn a lot of responsibility at a young age and has been a tremendous help to her mom. When Jeanette has low blood sugar or other problems, Serina knows exactly how to help her. Jeanette described her as being very independent, already having dreams of being a pediatrician or a veterinarian.

Serina and her mom have talked a lot about how to call 911, so Serina was prepared and knew exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

With advice for other kids, Serina wanted to make sure they knew they don’t have to be scared about calling 911. She said to only call in an emergency because “the fireman said we can’t joke around.”

Both Jeanette and Orona were extremely proud of the way Serina handled the situation.

“She’s a Godsend, she really is,” said Jeanette.