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Holyoke Housing Authority receives stimulus money PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jes-c Brandt   
Holyoke Housing Authority (HHA) was one recent Colorado recipient of federal stimulus money. HHA director Corey Zeiler discussed the projects completed this summer using stimulus money. Tasks included installing a new sprinkler system, vinyl fences and patio doors at SunSet View Homes.

Part of the Stimulus Package was designated for Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Public housing authorities are regularly given capital funds through HUD. When HUD received money from the Stimulus Package, it distributed the money to housing authorities in the same manner they allocate capital funds. The money, said Zeiler, was like a bonus to their usual HUD capital funding.

With the $59,934 allotted to HHA in February, the intent was to create and save jobs. “We were encouraged,” said Zeiler, “to spend the money as quickly as possible.” As requested, they began work right away on projects HHA had already begun planning. The new source of income, said Zeiler, basically allowed them to get started sooner on projects they intended to do anyway. The money, Zeiler estimated, saved them two years.

After completing a budget and receiving the money, HHA accepted bids for the various work needed to be done, allowing the opportunity for local businesses to profit from the stimulus package. Zeiler reported, however, there were no bids from Holyoke businesses for either the sprinkler or the fence projects. Other bids were accepted, however, and HHA moved on with the work.

DBC Irrigation Supply, based in Denver, was hired to design the new sprinkler plan as well as provide the supplies. GrowGreen Landscape & Maintenance of Greeley provided the work for the project. Some local help was hired to do work as well, noted Zeiler.

Bids for the fencing project were won by Kroy for the materials and Kid and Critter Control Fencing for the labor. Kid and Critter Control is based in Sterling. Kroy, the only out-of-state company hired, has its headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. and a manufacturing facility in York, Neb.

While the Stimulus money may not have had the effect expected, as no Holyoke companies were hired, the project did involve three Colorado businesses, helping the statewide economy.

Effects in Holyoke, while more subtle, are evident as well. As workers from out of town installed the sprinkler system and fences, they made use of local hotels and restaurants, granting Holyoke some profit from the stimulus package.

Of course the greatest benefit Holyoke has seen from HHA’s use of stimulus package money is improvements made to SunSet View. Though the Stimulus Package goal of creating and saving jobs wasn’t reached in Holyoke, there have been undeniable benefits to receiving federal money to install new fences, sprinklers and doors.

At this point, the sprinkler system is installed, the fences are nearing completion, and new doors will soon be in place. Those living in SunSet View, as well as other residents of Holyoke, can see tangible evidence of the improvements made by HHA. In a small, but important way, the Federal Stimulus Package is helping the people of Holyoke.