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Written by Linda Langelo, Golden Plains Area Extension   

4-H clover garden

What is a 4-H clover garden? This garden represents a vision of 4-H philosophy come to life.

What everyone will see by first-hand experience is a garden designed in the shape of a four-leafed clover to represent the 4-H pledge. As all 4-H’ers know, you pledge your head to clearer thinking, your heart to greater loyalty, your hands to larger service and your health to better living for your club, your community, your country and your world.

Back in the late winter of 2012, I was creatively thinking of a functional and educational children’s garden. I thought what could be done in the Golden Plains Area that would be representative of agriculture, horticulture and 4-H? How could I make this happen?

A garden which would create the synthesis of these areas of focus in a tangible way to broaden Extension’s outreach in the area. So the idea of a 4-H clover garden shape came to mind, and I started sharing the concept for the garden project.

This garden project came to life thanks to Colorado Garden Show, Inc. funding and the Sedgwick County commissioners. The commissioners donated two types of gravel and soil. The commissioners and the county staff were great about coordinating the delivery of the materials with the allotted volunteer times.

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Holyoke Enterprise October 23, 2014