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Hospital heading in right direction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   
It was a relatively straight forward meeting for East Phillips County Hospital board on July 27.

For the last few meetings, different department directors have been attending the meetings giving updates and information on their individual departments. Susan Deslauriers was present to talk about the EMS department.

She mentioned they have eight new staff members on their crew this year. She also said she is in the process of beginning a mentor program with the new staff.

Digital mammography to be offered

A contract with Diagnostic Mobile Services (DMS) to offer digital mammography to the community was signed. Plans are to begin the project in September. Every three weeks a truck will come into town to offer the service, Ayoub said in his administrator report.

The hospital plans to start the program off slowly before completely opening it to the public.

Ayoub reiterated Dr. Danielle McClellan was to begin July 28.

The business plan passed by the board at the June 22 meeting was submitted to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and was approved. Ayoub reported HUD was very impressed with the plan and said the hospital is going in the right direction with the plan.

The sale of the old hospital building was finalized, according to Ayoub. He also said they are in the process of planning to remove the old modular building and records from the building.

Agreements with both a registered dietician and a consultant pharmacist have been made to start at the hospital.

Ayoub, along with other staff members, met with the nursing home administrative staff. The idea is to build a strong working relationship with one another.

A webinar conversation to talk about the fiber network to connect all of the hospitals and clinics in the state of Colorado was conducted. Ayoub said plans are moving forward.

Surveys and reports are positive

One item on the agenda referred to the second quarter balanced scorecard review. Erica Brady presented results from satisfaction surveys. Both Ayoub and Brady said they were very pleased with the results. The scorecard review compared results from 2009 to ‘08 and ‘07.

The board accepted the CEO’s report. There were three policies on the report. MMH was recognized for quality, asset protection and financial condition and activities.

Hospital CFO Greg Was presented his first financial report to the board, and noted the hospital had another great month.

The board also elected officers with Steve Young carrying on as board chairman, Ray Malleck will become the vice president while Sheryl Farnsworth will hold the secretary/treasurer position.

Ayoub discussed the Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation and the need of a new employee appointment to fill a vacant position.

In her community linkages committee report, Farnsworth mentioned nationally, the elderly population is concerned with what direction health care is headed. She said she needs to sit down with Malleck who is also on the committee to brainstorm ways to reach the elderly population to inform them about health care and other issues regarding the hospital.

A vacant spot on the three person board for the Melissa Memorial Hospital Corporation was filled as Ayoub suggested Was be nominated for vice president and himself for president. The board voted and approved the suggestion. Brady will continue to serve her current role as secretary/treasurer.

Toward the end of the meeting, Farnsworth suggested the board spend a little time during each meeting catching up on where health care is going to keep the board up to date and informed. Ayoub told the board some of what he has heard and seen in the news about health care.

The board met in a 19-minute executive session for personnel issues.

The meeting schedule will go back to the regular Tuesday schedule beginning with the next meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 25.