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Livestock effort rewarded at 2014 Phillips County Fair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

FFA and 4-H livestock exhibitors at the Phillips County Fair were all winners in terms of effort and responsibility.

Those earning Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion honors for their livestock projects at the 2014 Fair follow:

Showman honors

In each livestock category, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion showman honors were awarded in junior, intermediate and senior divisions.

Round Robin showmanship top honors were awarded as follows: senior—Austin Vieselmeyer, GC; Kaitlyn Kent, RGC; intermediate—Taylor Hendrix, GC; Kylee Workman, RGC; junior—Owen Knode, GC; Brooklyn Plumb, RGC.

GC and RGC showmen in individual categories follow:

Austin Vieselmeyer, senior beef, GC; Tyler Camblin, senior beef, RGC; Kaylee Camblin, intermediate beef, GC; Trent Huffman, intermediate beef, RGC; Cash Weber, junior beef, GC; Austen Struckmeyer, junior beef, RGC.

Nicholas Ortner, senior swine, GC; Tyler Camblin, senior swine, RGC; Alex Vieselmeyer, intermediate swine, GC; Taylor Hendrix, intermediate swine, RGC; Brooklyn Plumb, junior swine, GC; Owen Knode, junior swine, RGC.

Tate Knapp, senior sheep, GC; Naydeen Knapp, senior sheep, RGC; Kylee Workman, intermediate sheep, GC; Kenton Bogan, intermediate sheep, RGC; Owen Knode, junior sheep, GC; Allie Thompson, junior sheep, RGC.

Kaitlyn Kent, senior horse, GC; Emily Atkins, senior horse, RGC; Taylor Hendrix, intermediate horse, GC; Morganne Kumm, intermediate horse, RGC; Stephen Murray, junior horse, GC; Isaac Strauss, junior horse, RGC.

Kaitlyn Kent, senior goat, GC; Naydeen Knapp, senior goat, RGC; Riley Thompson, intermediate goat, GC; Ciera Schelling, intermediate goat, RGC; Allie Thompson, junior goat, GC; Hailey Durbin, junior goat, RGC.

Emily Atkins, senior poultry, GC; Luke Stewart, senior poultry, RGC; Isaiah Brownfield, junior poultry, GC; Ashton Ayala, junior poultry, RGC.

Abbegayle Britton, senior rabbits, GC; Christopher Ballard, senior rabbits, RGC; Lauren Bergner, intermediate rabbits, GC; Kassidy Porter, intermediate rabbits, RGC; Brooklyn Plumb, junior rabbits, GC; Hailey Durbin, junior rabbits, RGC.


Cash Weber showed the GC market beef this year, while Tyler Camblin had the RGC. Austin Vieselmeyer had the GC breeding beef and Alex Vieselmeyer the RGC.

Market Goats

Brandon Struckmeyer showed the GC market goat, while Riley Thompson had the RGC. Austen Struckmeyer showed the GC breeding goat and Brandon Struckmeyer, the RGC.


Tate Knapp showed the GC market sheep, while Elise Atkins had the RGC. Elise Atkins also had both the GC and RGC breeding sheep.


Kody Donnelson showed the GC market swine project, while Tyler Camblin had the RGC.


Kaitlyn Kent showed both the GC and RGC geldings, and Emily Atkins had the GC miniature horse.

All-around honors were earned as follows: Kaitlyn Kent, senior GC; Taylor Hendrix, intermediate GC; Morganne Kumm, intermediate RGC; Isaac Strauss, junior GC; and Stephen Murray, junior RGC.


Luke Stewart showed both the GC and RGC market poultry projects. Isaiah Brownfield showed the GC breeding poultry, and Emily Atkins had the RGC.


Ashton Ayala showed the GC market rabbit, with Isaiah Brownfield named RGC. Levi Wright had the GC breeding rabbit, and Hunter Donovan showed the RGC.

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Holyoke Enterprise July 31, 2014