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Cutworms still on the move PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Langelo, Golden Plains Area Extension   
The open plains of eastern Colorado are being host to the caterpillar stage of the infamous army cutworm, Euxoa auxiliaris, through the end of April. The adult stage of this insect is the miller moth. What does this mean for homeowners?

These army cutworms travel in large numbers. Just picture an army marching in divisions. Both caterpillars and adults can be abundant in and around homes. If residents acquire large numbers in the home, there will be an odor problem because the fat in their bodies turns rancid.

They will spot drapes, surfaces and even unfinished wood furniture. Why? For most of their moth stage, they excrete an acid fluid for defense purposes. Miller moths emerging from their pupa stage produce a reddish-brown fluid deposited on household surfaces such as windowsills, walls or wherever the insect rests.

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Holyoke Enterprise April 24, 2014