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Written by Lee Pitts   

Cowboy texting

Although I think email is the greatest invention since the Barcalounger or Lazy Boy, I just can’t develop a fondness for texting. I am baffled by all these symbols and shortcuts the thumb-typers use to save valuable time they wouldn’t be wasting if they just stopped sending all their worthless text messages.

One of the reasons I don’t own a cell phone is I don’t want to learn all the cutesy letter combinations that people use in their texts. If I wanted to learn an all new language I’d learn something useful, like Spanish. It’s bad enough that these texting shortcuts have overflowed into letters and emails that people write.

I’ll give you an example. For years now I’ve read the letters LOL in emails and for some reason, I thought it stood for “lots of luck.” But one day I asked my brilliant editor/friend Ann just what LOL means and, much to my surprise, she said it stands for “laugh out loud.” Which, I must admit, made a lot of the emails I’ve received make a lot more sense than if it was “lots of luck.”

Ann said that if I had questions in the future about texting abbreviations that I should go to a website called Urban Dictionary. I did as she suggested and found shortcuts and keyboard strokes that are supposed to look like animals; no doubt created by people with active imaginations and waaaaay too much extra time on their hands.

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Holyoke Enterprise February 27, 2014