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Written by Lee Pitts

I laugh when I hear people say how revolutionary all this computer malarkey is, like email, eHarmony and e-everything. As far as Internet matchmaking goes, let me tell you, people were just as desperate for affection back in my day ... or at least I was.

Picking a mate without meeting he or she is nothing new, what do you think the lonely old miners, ranchers, mountain men and sheepherders in the early west did when they married whatever got off the stagecoach or the train? It’s just one more example of how, if you wait long enough, everything that is old will come around again.

I’m just waiting for it to be my turn.

Many of the women who wanted to come west were “picture brides” because the men, who outnumbered the women sometimes by as much as 60-to-1, picked their lifelong mate as if they were ordering from a Sears Roebuck catalog. They were also called “mail-order brides,” only in many cases they were “mail-order lies” as the product that arrived by boat after sailing around the horn was often not as advertised.

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Holyoke Enterprise September 12, 2013