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9 local swimmers earn season-end trophies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Nine Holyoke swimmers ranked in the top six in their age divisions to claim high-point trophies for the six-meet season of Northwest Kansas Swim League.

The July 5-6 league meet in Burlington marked the end of a very successful season for Holyoke Swim Team.

Holyoke Swim Team members who earned high-point trophies for the summer swim season in the Northwest Kansas Swim League are pictured from left, front row, Emily Jelden, Haley Van Overbeke and Ethan Schneller; and back row, Tara Krueger, Emily Krogmeier, Kristin Vieselmeyer, Rylee Schneller (also top swimmer in her age division in the July 5-6 league meet) and Regan Van Overbeke. Not pictured is Keegan Shaw.

Rylee Schneller earned two trophies, one for earning the most points in 9-10 girls’ competition at the league meet and the other for first place in her division for the season.

The 9-10 girls’ competition was dominated by Holyoke swimmers, as Kristin Vieselmeyer finished fourth and Haley Van Overbeke fifth to join Schneller for the season rankings.

Three girls from Holyoke also earned high-point trophies in the 13-14 competition. Emily Krogmeier finished second, Regan Van Overbeke third and Tara Krueger tied for fifth.

Emily Jelden came home with a sixth-place trophy in the 11-12 girls’ division.

Two Holyoke boys finished in the top-six rankings. Ethan Schneller placed fifth in the 8 and under division, and Keegan Shaw finished sixth in the 11-12 division.

Coach Adria Colver said she’s proud of those who made high point, as well as the entire team for racing and pushing each other so much.

“It’s been a fun season, and I’m already looking forward to next year,” added Colver.

As a team, Holyoke finished fifth with 181.5 points. Goodland won the league meet with 396 points, followed by Colby 228, Oberlin 214.5, Wray 202, Holyoke 181.5, Burlington 166, Oakley 99 and Flagler 44.

Individual results for Holyoke swimmers at the July 5-6 league meet follow:

8 and under

Boys—Ethan Schneller—1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 100 yd. individual medley; 5th, 25 yd. butterfly; 6th, 50 yd. freestyle; tie for 6th, 25 yd. freestyle.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—5th, Bria Thomas, Anastasia Drake, Marren Dirks and Aspen Jagers.

100 yd. mixed freestyle relay—3rd, Schneller, Dylan Hielscher, Carter Van Overbeke and Andrea Marquez.



Girls­—Rylee Schneller—1st, 100 yd. freestyle; 1st, 25 yd. freestyle; 1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 1st, 25 yd. breaststroke; 1st, 100 yd. individual medley.

Haley Van Overbeke—2nd, 25 yd. butterfly; 2nd, 100 yd. individual medley; 4th, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. breaststroke; 5th, 25 yd. backstroke.

Kristin Vieselmeyer—2nd, 25 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 25 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. butterfly; 5th, 100 yd. freestyle; 5th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Ashley Rahe—4th, 25 yd. backstroke; 6th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Elise Krogmeier—5th, 25 yd. breaststroke.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—1st, Van Overbeke, Vieselmeyer, Lauren Herman and Schneller; and 3rd, Krogmeier, Anastasia Drake, Rahe and Elby Kropp.

100 yd. boys’ freestyle relay—4th, Max Dirks, Isaiah Rahe, Isaac Strauss and Tristen Ferguson.

100 yd. girls’ medley relay—1st, Vieselmeyer, Van Overbeke, Rahe and Schneller.

100 yd. mixed medley relay—3rd, Isaiah Rahe, Krogmeier, Herman and Dirks; 5th, Ethan Schneller, Strauss, Kropp and Ferguson.


Girls­—Emily Jelden—1st, 50 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 50 yd. butterfly; 3rd, 50 yd. breaststroke; 4th, 100 yd. individual medley; 6th, 100 yd. freestyle.

Lali Marquez—5th, 50 yd. backstroke; 6th, 200 yd. freestyle.

Boys—Keegan Shaw—4th, 50 yd. backstroke; 5th, 100 yd. freestyle; 5th, 50 yd. butterfly; 5th, 100 yd. individual medley.

200 yd. mixed freestyle relay, 4th, Lauren Bergner, Josie Herman, Remington Hielscher and Shianne Willmon.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—4th, Hielscher, Jelden, Marquez and Demiah Hernandez; 5th, Shaw, Herman, Willmon and Bergner.


Girls­—Emily Krogmeier—2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 50 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. butterfly; 2nd, 200 yd. individual medley; 2nd, 200 yd. freestyle.

Regan Van Overbeke—1st, 400 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. butterfly; 4th, 100 yd. breaststroke; 4th, 200 yd. individual medley.

Tara Krueger—2nd, 100 yd. breaststroke; 4th, 100 yd. backstroke; 4th, 200 yd. freestyle.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—6th, Michalla Drake, Anna Jelden, Juliana Hernandez and Van Overbeke.


Girls­—Lori McWilliams—5th, 100 yd. backstroke; 6th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

Boys—Issac Brandt—3rd, 200 yd. individual medley; 5th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—4th, Lori McWilliams, Tara Krueger, Brandt and Emily Krogmeier.

Holyoke Enterprise July 11, 2013