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Holyoke swimmers compete well in Goodland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Holyoke swimmers traveled to Goodland, Kan. Saturday, June 29 for their final swim meet before league.

Forty swimmers contributed to Holyoke’s fourth-place finish overall with nine first-place finishes and 186 points.

Goodland placed first with 296 points followed by, Colby, Kan. 216, Wray 197, Holyoke 186, Burlington 172, Oberlin, Kan. 168, Oakley, Kan. 90 and Flagler 48.

Coach Brenda Krueger noted the improvement of the 8 and under swimmers. She said they now have built up the endurance to compete in longer races.

Krueger also pointed out that the Goodland meet was good practice for the upcoming, two-day league meet. Swimmers were able to use the meet to get in some last minute practice and make any final adjustments.

Adria Colver thought it was a great meet with some very close and very successful races.

Colver said the team has been very blessed this year to have Amy Krogmeier serving as an assistant coach. Krogmeier, who was an outstanding competitor for Holyoke, has been working with all levels of swimmers this summer and will be missed when she returns to college.

The NWKSL league meet will be held in Burlington Friday and Saturday, July 5 and 6, to mark the end of the summer swim season.

Individual results from the Goodland swim meet follow:


8 and under

Girls—Miranda Morales—5th, 25 yd. backstroke.

Bria Thomas—6th, 25 yd. butterfly.

Boys—Ethan Schneller—3rd, 25 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 100 yd. individual medley; 4th, 25 yd. butterfly.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—4th, Marren Dirks, Andrea Marquez, Morales and Summer Martin.

100 yd. girls’ medley relay—5th, Aspen Jagers, Martin, Dirks and Anastasia Drake.

100 yd. mixed freestyle relay—3rd, Carter Van Overbeke, Jagers, Drake and Thomas.

100 yd. mixed medley relay—3rd, Morales, Marquez, Schneller and Dylan Hielscher.



Girls—Rylee Schneller—1st, 100 yd. freestyle; 1st, 100 yd. individual medley; 3rd, 25 yd. butterfly.

Kristin Vieselmeyer—1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Haley Van Overbeke—2nd, 100 yd. individual medley; 4th, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. butterfly.

Ashley Rahe—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke; 5th, 25 yd. breaststroke.

Elise Krogmeier—3rd, 25 yd. breaststroke.

Lauren Herman—5th, 25 yd. freestyle.

Boys—Isaiah Rahe—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—1st, Schneller, Vieselmeyer, Herman and Van Overbeke.

100 yd. girls’ medley relay—2nd, Vieselmeyer, Ashley Rahe, Herman and Krogmeier.

100 yd. boys’ medley relay—4th, Isaiah Rahe, Max Dirks, Isaac Strauss and Tristen Ferguson.

100 yd. mixed freestyle relay—3rd, Krogmeier, Isaiah Rahe, Dirks and Ashley Rahe.



Girls— Emily Jelden—3rd, 50 yd. breaststroke; 5th, 100 yd. individual medley; 5th, 50 yd. freestyle.

Lali Marquez—4th, 50 yd. butterfly; 6th, 100 yd. freestyle.

Demiah Hernandez—6th, 50 yd. butterfly.

Boys—Keegan Shaw—3rd, 100 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 100 yd. individual medley; 5th, 50 yd. butterfly.

Remington Hielscher—3rd, 50 yd. backstroke; 6th, 50 yd. butterfly.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—3rd, Hernandez, Schneller, Van Overbeke and Josie Herman.

200 yd. mixed freestyle relay—1st, Hernandez, Marquez, Jelden and Shaw.



Girls—Emily Krogmeier—1st, 200 yd. individual medley; 2nd, 50 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. butterfly.

Regan Van Overbeke—1st, 400 yd. freestyle; 4th, 200 yd. individual medley; 5th, 100 yd. butterfly.

Tara Krueger—2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. breaststroke; 4th, 100 yd. backstroke.

Michalla Drake—6th, 100 yd. backstroke.

Boys—Drew Stewart—5th, 100 yd. backstroke; 6th, 50 yd. freestyle.

200 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—5th, Van Overbeke, Anna Jelden, Drake and Juliana Hernandez.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—5th, Drake, Jelden, Van Overbeke and Hernandez.



Girls—Danielle Brandt—1st, 400 yd. freestyle; 1st, 100 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 50 yd. freestyle.

Lori McWilliams—2nd, 100 yd. backstroke; 4th, 100 yd. breaststroke; 5th, 200 yd. individual medley.

Malena McWilliams—5th, 100 yd. backstroke.

Boys—Issac Brandt—3rd, 50 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 200 yd. individual medley; 6th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—1st, Lori McWilliams, Krueger, Danielle Brandt and Krogmeier.

200 yd. mixed freestyle relay—4th, Krogmeier, Krueger, Lori McWilliams and Danielle Brandt.