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Written by Erin LeBlanc   

Personal possessions are just that, something that is personal to you. It can be from something expensive to something that has no monetary value but is priceless to you.

Residents may bring personal possessions to the nursing home, such as those “priceless” items, clothing, furnishings and jewelry. Residents may expect staff to take responsibility for assisting in the protection of items or locating lost items and should inquire about facility policies for replacing missing items. However, your facility must try to keep your property from being lost or stolen. If your property is missing, the facility must try to find it.

You have the right to retain and use personal possessions and furnishings, as space permits.

You have the right to a lockable space for small items of personal property.

Prior to admission, the facility should clearly specify in writing any limitations on the amount and type of personal property or clothing that will be allowed. Within reason, each resident should be able to decorate their living space with personal pictures, small sentimental items and possibly a small personal chair, if space permits without interfering with another resident’s space, proper nursing care or with proper cleaning of the room.

Each resident is to be allowed to have his own personal clothing within the storage limits of the facility. It is reasonable that each resident would have adequate clothing to be properly dressed at all times, even when other clothing is being cleaned or laundered.

However, common personal items that are most often misplaced are eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures. All of these items are part of a person and assist in making them able to see, hear, eat and participate in daily living. As always, anything of great value should be kept in a secure location for more safe-keeping.

We work all our lives to own a home and have things around us that represent our life, either in collections or possessions, and moving into a long-term care facility should not hinder you in being able to bring some of those items with you. It personalizes your living space and creates a more comfortable environment.

Holyoke Enterprise May 9, 2013