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168 pounds, 50 inches lost during Healthier Weigh competition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

“A Healthier Weigh” ended with a final team weigh-out the week of April 8, 2013, and Tracy Trumper, Colorado State University Extension agent and facilitator of the program, presented award certificates and checks Friday, April 26 to team representatives completing the four-part program.

Award certificates and jackpot prizes were presented to the top three winners of the overall contest and biggest losers, plus the overall individual and “the groovy lesson winner.”

The 2013 Healthier Weigh Challenge had 11 teams and four individuals register for the program. Those that completed the 12-week nutrition and fitness program had overall good results of improved nutrition knowledge and analysis of their personal nutrition and increased fitness levels.

Total steps recorded from all of the participants were 38,150,168 steps or 19,075.08 miles.

Awarded for tracking the most steps in the 12-week competition, winners who were present at the Healthier Weigh awards are pictured from left, Ron and Claudia Koberstein, Kelsey Reimink, Justin and Trisha Herman and Toby From.  

—Enterprise photo

In the weight loss category, the group of 40 people who completed the program lost a total of 168.2 pounds and 50.8 inches off waist measurement. This is a very positive aspect of reducing their risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Many of the program participants are most interested in losing weight. The newest phase of the program was the team waist measurement. This measurement was added to the program because waist measurements are key health indicators, with excess body weight around the waist linked to heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

The general recommendation is for women to keep their waist measurement below 35 inches and men to keep their waist below 40 inches for overall good health.

The “biggest losers” of weight and waist circumference was the first-place team of Powerhouse Chicks, comprised of Candie Carpenter, Spring Atchison, Corrina Contreras and Roxanne Fix of Haxtun, losing a total of 46.2 pounds and 13.5 inches.

Second place went to the Formerly Fat Four, including Linda Statz, Barb Neugebauer, Nancy Tyndal and Jerry Haynes, losing a total of 29 pounds and 7.75 inches. Team Cruising for Losing, comprised of Linda Jelden, Olga Sullivan, Laura Loutensock and Christina Martinez, lost a total of 18.4 pounds and 3.5 inches to take third place.

Participants who attended the Healthier Weigh awards were recognized for losing the most weight/inches. Winners are pictured from left, front row, Candie Carpenter, Olga Sullivan, Nancy Tyndal and Barb Neugebauer; and back row, Linda Statz, Corrina Contreras and Spring Atchison.  

—Enterprise photo

Increasing exercise by walking and other forms of physical activity was the first contest phase of the program. Each challenge member wore a pedometer and recorded their steps daily. The top teams were recognized for recording the most steps and for achieving the requirement of 10 out of 12 lessons completed.

Team S.A.C.K., including Sandra Rahe, Allie Billings, Cutter Garrison and Kelsey Reimink, earned first place money, with 5,807,462 steps or 2,903.73 miles.

Second-place money went to Three Girls and a Guy, with team members Claudia Koberstein, Ron Koberstein, Mendi Lutze and Nici Bishop, racking up 4,679,481 steps and 2,339.74 miles. The third-place prize was awarded to the Quartet Pounders team of Trisha Herman, Justin Herman, Bethany Thomas and Luke Thomas, who totaled 3,730,581 steps or 1,865.29 miles.

There were two individual competitors that stood out and received top honors. Toby From, also known as Cinderella, won the overall individual award for earning a total of 1,969,024 steps or 984.51 miles, completing all of the health and nutrition lessons, losing 9 pounds and 5.25 inches.

The groovy lesson winner was Sandy Triplette, aka Sleeping Beauty. She did all 12 lessons on time, including personal insight for improvement while on her weight loss journey. Sleeping Beauty even completed lessons and reported steps while on vacation! That is dedication.

Other teams and individuals who were not the top winners also need to be saluted for being dedicated participants, always reporting steps, doing lessons and completing the program by weighing in.

Two teams from Highline Electric were great examples for wellness in the workplace, including Team Power Up, made up of Joanie Groshans, Mark Farnsworth, Nancy Berges and Kris Camblin, and Team High Voltage, including, Tammy Kroeger, Charlotte Norgren, Dennis Herman and Barb Holtzman.

Also, hats off to Darci Tomky and Ashley Sullivan from The Losers for meeting all challenge requirements. Individual participant Brenda Krueger, or Belle, also completed the program with strong effort.

Many of the teams and participants were great examples of what working together with encouragement and positive attitudes can do in achieving a goal or just in learning something new about one’s self.

CSU Cooperative Extension plans to repeat the program January through April of 2014 as it serves an important role in keeping people active and eating healthy during the winter months.


Holyoke Enterprise May 2, 2013