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Dozens of pieces displayed at local art show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Lance Wurst of Grant, Neb. took home top honors at the Phillips County Arts Council’s recent show. Wurst’s watercolor piece entitled “St. X Disk” received Best of Show honors.

The show included 154 entries from 58 artists in the main show and 124 entries from five schools in the student show. Holyoke JR/SR High School had 40 entries and the Holyoke Elementary School had 35.

Kathy Wernsman of Haxtun received Best of Show second-place honors for her oil painting “Shadow of Peace” and third-place Best of Show went to Mardelle Espinoza of Denver for her sculpture entitled “Pueblo Guardian.”

Best of Show and Best of each division pieces are pictured from the March 21-24 Phillips County Art Show in Holyoke. Best of Show pieces, starting at the top left and moving down, include “St. X Disk” watercolor by Lance Wurst, first place; “Pueblos Guardian” sculpture by Mardelle Espinoza of Denver, third place; and “Shadow of Peace” oil by Kathy Wernsman of Haxtun, second place. Best of Show awards from each division are pictured from top right and move down, “Beginnings” watercolor by Sara Bledsoe of Sterling, Best of Professional; “Buck Brush” pastel by Patti Bohall of Wray, Best of Advanced; and “Mom’s Poppy” pastel by Becky Twiss of Wray, Best of Beginner.  —Enterprise photo

Sara Bledsoe of Sterling earned the Best of Professional title for her mixed media entry entitled “Beginnings.” The Best of Advanced award went to Patti Bohall of Wray for her pastel piece, “Buck Brush.” Becky Twiss also of Wray was named the Best of Beginner for her work in pastels entitled “Mom’s Poppy.”

Winning Best of Show for the student projects was Jessyca Briggs. Second place went to Dalton McCormide and Courthney Lyon took home a third-place finish. Briggs, McCormide and Lyon are all from Perkins County, Neb.

The People’s Choice Award went to Barb Kreider of Holyoke for her mixed media piece entitled “Quiet Faith.”

Winners of each division are listed in order of placings, followed by those earning an honorable mention (HM).

Photography (Enhanced)

Professional: William Day, Lewellen, Neb.; Day; Robert Brummett, Lewellen, Neb.; and Day (HM).

Photography (Traditional)

Professional: Robert Brummett, Lewellen, Neb.; William Day, Lewellen, Neb.; Sara Bledsoe, Sterling; and Brummett (HM).

Advanced: Gail Hielscher, Holyoke; Ailenne Vance, Eckley; Hielscher; Sandy Schneider-Engle (HM), Ft. Morgan; and Hielscher (HM).

Beginner: Randi Dyer, Julesburg; Taylor Goldenstein, Holyoke; Dyer; Briar Clark (HM), Wray; and Dyer (HM).

Mixed Media

Professional: Christina Martinez, Holyoke; and Martinez.

Advanced: Barb Kreider, Holyoke; Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; and Cindy Musgrave (HM), Wray.

Beginner: Vicki Nygaard (HM), Holyoke.

Colored Pencil

Advanced: Marilyn Ticknor, Ft. Lupton; Ticknor; and Tick-nor.


Professional: Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.; Simeon; and Simeon.

Advanced: Mary Parminter, Holyoke.

Beginner: Brittney Prottsman, Holyoke.


Advanced: Cindy Musgrave, Wray; Patti Bohall, Wray; and Bohall.

Beginner: Becky Twiss, Wray; and Olga Conde, Holyoke.


Advanced: Theresa Conklin, Haxtun; Cindy Musgrave, Wray; and Musgrave.


Professional: Lance Wurst, Grant, Neb.; Wurst; and Wurst.

Advanced: Mary Parminter, Holyoke; Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; and Harvey.


Professional: Kathy Wernsman, Haxtun; Sara Bledsoe, Sterling; and Wernsman.

Advanced: Alice Bailey, Lewellen, Neb.; Theresa Conklin, Haxtun; Conklin; and Conklin (HM).

Beginner: Kelsey Kramer, Holyoke; and Kramer.


Professional: Ardis Conklin, Holyoke.

Advanced: Barbara Holtzman, Holyoke.


Advanced: Janette Fenwick, Brule, Neb.


Professional: Mardelle Espinoza, Denver.


Professional: Kathy Wernsman, Haxtun.


Beginner: Alan Madrid (HM), Holyoke.

Carved Antlers

Professional: Richard Hass, Brush; and Hass.

Student Awards

Twelfth grade: Michi Prante, Perkins County; Krystal Shelton, Fleming; Genysie VanDuren, Fleming; Jaden Valko (HM), Wray; Jaydin Goldenstein (HM), Holyoke; Alfredo Santos (HM), Holyoke; Tyler Vandenbark (HM), Fleming; Abby Kurtzer (HM), Fleming; Jessica Baeza (HM), Holyoke; and Katie Phillips (HM), Wray.

Eleventh grade: Capri Meyer, Perkins County; Daniel Bencomo, Holyoke; Brittney Prottsman, Holyoke; Eva Penzing (HM), Holyoke; Michelle Sheels (HM), Perkins County; Shaylee Krueger (HM), Holyoke; Briar Clark (HM), Wray; Tony Quintana (HM), Holyoke; and Kelsey Kramer (HM), Holyoke.

Tenth grade: Dayna Dudden, Perkins County; Hannah Johnson, Fleming; Miles Steinwart, Perkins County; Saige Herbert (HM), Fleming; Marla Lopez (HM), Perkins County; Deborah Kurtzer (HM), Fleming; Alex Buchanan (HM), Wray; Dylan Kotch (HM), Holyoke; Paulyna Alcom (HM), Wray; A.J. Brandt (HM), Holyoke; Sabrina Lousberg (HM), Fleming; Shane Oumda (HM), Perkins County; Stormy Allred (HM), Wray; and McCall Etl (HM), Fleming.

Ninth grade: Josie Osler, Perkins County; Coy Aerni, Perkins County; Bailey Johnson, Perkins County; Faith Eichhorn (HM), Fleming; Dominic Krogmeier (HM), Holyoke; Jessica Stone (HM), Fleming; Emily Lovell (HM), Fleming; Neil Lovell (HM), Fleming; Shelbe Schure (HM), Fleming; and Edgar Cruz (HM), Holyoke.

Eighth grade: Michalla Drake, Holyoke; Kayla Marshall, Holyoke; Monica Dominguez, Holyoke.

Seventh grade: Luke Krogmeier, Holyoke; Trey Bennett, Holyoke; Regan Van Overbeke, Holyoke; and Brian Beltrean (HM), Holyoke.


Shania Metcalf, twelfth grade, Perkins County; Rachel Patrick, twelfth grade, Perkins County; and Jessie Woodmancy, twelfth grade, Perkins County.

Holyoke Enterprise March 28, 2013