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Pit bull letter strikes response PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

In reference to last week’s letter to the editor.

I owned a pit bull just like Patty Coyne, and the same thing happened to me somewhat. The only difference was the county/city police came on my property and untied my pit bull and took it out in the country and shot it.

He was a very loving and a very mannered pit bull. He loved kids and dogs of all sizes and wasn’t scared of anyone.

He had a lot of trust in all humans and respected them. But the general public hears about all of the pit bulls that are trained to fight, which in return gave pit bulls a bad name.

If Patty Coyne is stating true facts about the situation in her letter, then that brings up some questions. Why wasn’t there a ticket issued for discharging a firearm in the city limits? Isn’t there an ordinance on discharging a firearm in city limits?

So that means if a dog comes in my yard for its thing early in the mornings, I can just walk up to it and shoot it, no questions asked, right? I do know what neighbor she is talking about, and I have seen that dog running loose in my yard when they first moved here.

It was early in the mornings when I had to get up between 3-4 a.m. There were also tracks in my yard in the snow with feces left behind. We also had dogs chase our cats up trees, so I guess I can just start shooting them in town.

I had a few friends that owned dogs, and the only ones I had to worry about were the Golden Retrievers. They would go out of their way to bite you.

So that means if I see a Golden Retriever running around, I can just shoot it, because they are mean, vicious dogs. Yuppers, the two Golden Retrievers of my friends that were mean and vicious means all of them in that breed are.

Troy Kinney

Holyoke Enterprise November 8, 2012