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Wacky weather is the theme for October so far PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   

Halfway through the month of October and Holyoke has experienced some odd weather, to put it best.

Friday, Oct. 5, residents woke to a light snow falling. The snow continued until late morning before it tapered off, making for a chilly homecoming football game. Saturday, Oct. 6 much more snow fell, blanketing the area with around five inches or more.

Just a few days earlier on Oct. 3, temperatures reached into the 90s.

The snow that fell Friday-Saturday, Oct. 5-6 was some of the earliest snowfall Holyoke has seen in quite some time. A week later, temperatures were creeping back to the 80s showing just how unpredictable it can be in northeast Colorado.  

—Enterprise photo

A week after the snow, temperatures were back in the 80s. Monday, Oct. 15, a high of 81 was recorded by official weather observer Dan Kafka. The weather forecast showed temperatures creeping back up near 80 Tuesday afternoon before a slight cold front was set to move through, bringing some cooler temperatures.

The average high for the first 15 days of October was 62.3 while the average low was 31.1. The mercury dipped to as low as 15 degrees on Oct. 6.

The snowfall was the earliest Holyoke has seen in recent years. Last year, not much snow fell at all. The first came Oct. 26. In 2010 it wasn’t until Nov. 11, Oct. 9 in 2009, Nov. 10 in 2008 and Nov. 21 in 2007.

The question on everyone’s mind now is what will the rest of the winter months look like?

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, last winter was the fourth warmest for the contiguous 48 since recordkeeping began in 1895.

As for 2013, the almanac is predicting a milder than normal winter with average precipitation for much of the midwest, including Colorado.

The eastern half of the United States is expected to receive more cold and snow than the western half.

Farmers’ Almanac is “red flagging” Feb. 12-15 and March 20-23 for major coastal storms along the Atlantic seaboard, bringing strong winds and heavy precipitation.

All people can do is sit and wait. Sit and see if the predictions come true. Hey, it makes for good coffeehouse talk!

Come February, the age old talk of did he or didn’t he will begin. Depending on the winter weather, people will either want Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow or they won’t want him to.

No matter the outlook one uses to predict the weather, no one knows for sure what exactly the winter will look like. Let’s just hope for moisture.

Temperatures in Holyoke climbed into the 80s Monday,
Oct. 15. A week earlier, the area was recouping after nearly
six inches of snow had fallen. 

 —Enterprise photo

These flowers at the Holyoke Community Garden were
blanketed with the first snow of the season Friday, Oct. 5.
Gardens throughout the area were hit hard by the freezing
temperatures Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5-6 if they weren’t
covered up.  

—Enterprise photo

Holyoke Enterprise October 18, 2012