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Gary Rahe, Harlan Stern take oath PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   
Gary Rahe and Harlan Stern were sworn into office Tuesday, May 22 during the regular meeting of East Phillips County Hospital District.

Rahe begins his second four-year term while Stern begins his first. He was appointed in 2010 to fill the last two years of the term vacated by Ray Malleck.

Along with the oaths, officer positions were voted on with Steve Young, Steve Deaver and Sheryl Farnsworth all continuing to hold their current offices. Young will continue to serve as chairman, Deaver vice chair and Farnsworth secretary/treasurer.


Citizen voices concern over communication

Ron Miles attended the May 22 board meeting to voice his concern for a communication issue dealing with his mother while she was receiving care at MMH.

Miles visited the hospital on a Wednesday and was told his mother would be discharged that Friday. The physician then spoke with Miles’ brother, and it was decided it would be best to discharge the Miles’ mother that Thursday. Miles came back that Friday only to find his mother was no longer at the hospital.

Board members acknowledged the issue and apologized. “We certainly felt bad,” MMH administrator John Ayoub said. Ayoub doesn’t feel the quality of care was ever the issue, just the communication, and said it probably could’ve been handled differently.


Employee luncheons prove valuable

Ayoub said a change with the time the front door locks came from conversation during a recent employee luncheon. Every month, Ayoub invites 10 employees to lunch to just chat when managers aren’t present.

A recent conversation led to the receptionist being able to come in earlier when there is more of a chance for patients to be visiting instead of staying a half hour later when there aren’t any patients coming into the hospital. The front door will now be locking at 5:30 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

Ayoub said they will see how things go, and if need be, it will be changed back.

“The folks that work here know what they need,” Ayoub said. “Sometimes they just need a forum to say, hey, this would help me.”


Digital mammography outlined

The original plan when the digital mammography idea was sold to the board, was that mammography screenings would be offered when the radiologist was on site so results could be read more quickly and any issues could be taken care of right then and there.

Some questions have been raised by the medical staff as to why some patients are coming in when the radiologist isn’t on site to get a screening.

The day the radiologist is on site is always offered as the first choice when a patient calls to schedule a scan but those days don’t always work for everyone.

If patients request a day the radiologist isn’t on site, they are told they may have to come back a day when the radiologist is there.


Administrator reports activity

Ayoub reported a trauma survey was conducted May 15 and said it was an awesome survey. He gave praise to everyone involved.

MMH is currently looking for Locum Tenens (or fill in doctors) to help plug gaps from the time Dr. Danielle McClellan leaves to the time another physician is hired. Ayoub said they already have interest and have found someone to help fill holes. And of course the search is ongoing to locate a permanent doctor.

The administrator said they have conducted two tornado drills and everything has gone very smoothly.

Ayoub also reported they continue to work towards a go-live date with the NextGen electronic medical records. The plan is to conduct a few mini mock go-live tests and ultimately go live sometime in July.

Ayoub and board members Rahe and Farnsworth recently attended the Colorado Hospital Association’s Rural annual conference in Colorado Springs.

Rahe gave an overview during the board meeting and said the information was very beneficial and valuable.


Other business

In other business May 22, board members:

—held a 60-minute executive session for a conference with the attorney.

­—held a 43-minute executive session for negotiations.

—approved credentialing for Suzanne Homer, MD, radiology; James Quillen, MD, cardiology; Delane Wycoff, MD, pathology; Michael Kellan, MD, radiology; Thomas Lininger, MD, oncology; Joseph Bonelli, MD, pathology; Harold Chapel, cardiology; Tracy Casault, DO, Family Practice Locum; Terry Himes, DO, sleep studies; Timo Quickert, MD, radiology.

—noted the next board meeting will be held Tuesday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Holyoke Enterprise June 7, 2012