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Donahue challenges parents at Caring Pregnancy Center banquet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   

“It’s time to get the bar up and expect the best,” said a very enthusiastic Shelly Donahue at A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center’s fund-raising banquet Saturday, Jan. 28.

The motivational speaker challenged the community to raise their expectations for their kids, noting both the positive and negative impact parents’ actions can have on their children.

This co-author of WAIT (Why Am I Tempted?) Training spreads the message that kids should abstain from sex until marriage. “Kids know how to have sex. They don’t know how to make love,” she said.

Donahue emphasized that when dads are in the home, kids do better. “Our kids need their daddy love.”

She painted a picture of young girls twirling in their skirts in front of their dads. “If they can’t spin and twirl in front of us, they will with older men.”

Sons look to their dads to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?”

Donahue reminded fathers they are seen as the protector and mothers are the comforter.

It’s a single mother’s job to find father figures for her children, because that is where they look for encouragement and their identity.

Motivational speaker Shelly Donahue urges the
community to raise their expectations for kids to
abstain from sex until marriage. “It’s time to get the
bar up and expect the best,” she said. —Enterprise photo

“This generation is bleeding to death,” she said, noting the holes left in their heart from wounds they got as children. “Sin is a byproduct of trying to cover the hole in our heart.”

She used a wooden heart for an illustration to show that whenever people are hurt, a nail is pounded into the heart. Even if that pain (the nail) can be taken away, the hole is still there.

Whenever someone said hurtful things to her, it was like she threw a rock into her backpack, something that kept getting heavier and heavier.

“You know what’s so awesome?” she asked. “God redeems it all!”

Donahue works with a ministry called SOZO—save, heal and deliver.

When people have so much pain, there’s not much room for love. “The minute I went through my SOZO, the weight’s gone,” she said. “It’s time to get free.”

Whether it was hurtful words, a bad relationship, rape or an abortion, it’s like people are drinking poison until they can forgive. “The Bible tells us to forgive,” said Donahue, noting that once people accept Jesus as their Savior, he wants a life with them. “We get God’s full blessings after forgiveness.”

Donahue continued with some advice for parents. The number one way to prevent pregnancy is eating meals together, she said, because of the connections made and time spent together.

The Millennial generation (born 1980-2002) are the most conservative and pro-life kids raised in the last 30 years, said Donahue. They want to be tucked in and have food on the table at mealtimes. They want to be connected to their parents.

She said 93 percent of this year’s graduating class in America has never heard the message to wait for sex until marriage.

Parents were urged to raise the bar of expectation by setting rules about dating, alcohol and the kinds of friends their kids hang out with. “Kids play games by the rules when they know the rules,” she said.

Kids look up to their parents, so regardless of how Mom and Dad acted in the past, they need to raise the bar for their kids. “‘Don’t do as I do’ is a hypocrite,” said Donahue. “‘Don’t do as I did’ is a teacher.”

A former health and P.E. teacher, Donahue hails from Eaton and travels the world for speaking engagements and WAIT training.


Center celebrates good year

A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center director Jan Loesch gave a report on the past year to banquet attendees at the Phillips County Event Center Saturday night.

A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center
director Jan Loesch excitedly reports
on the center’s activities for the past year.

—Enterprise photo

The Center, which covers 9,000 square miles and more than six counties, served eight men and 72 women with 10 babies born in 2011.

She said two women came into the center, adamant about getting abortions, but she was excited to report a baby girl and baby boy were born to those mothers.

Having received instruction on WAIT training from Donahue years ago, Loesch taught the abstinence and healthy relationships curriculum to 2,077 junior high and high school students in three counties in 2011.

In February, she is scheduled to teach WAIT training to Holyoke eighth graders for the first time.

Another exciting addition to the center in 2011 was a post-abortion Bible study conducted in Holyoke.


New ministry focuses on young men

Board member Pastor Don Smith said they have a vision to make a difference before anything ever becomes a crisis. With this in mind, they are starting a new mentoring program for boys.

“It’s time we stand up and be fathers,” he said, emphasizing what a large percentage of boys grow up in homes without fathers.

Starting on Father’s Day in Yuma, they will be training men to help with the mentoring program. Smith said they would love to expand the program for training sessions in Holyoke, as well.

Holyoke Enterprise February 2, 2012