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Reader takes issue with Tebow mania and Tebowing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dean Wilkins   
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 16:31

Dear Editor,

One of the best things about Tim Tebow’s joining the NFL is that he is no longer allowed to wear those glare strip scripture verses that Ms. Tomky likes so much. Meanwhile, this whole “Tebowing” phenomenon has “gone viral” to an astonishing and annoying degree.

The thing about one team member openly and repeatedly expressing his/her personal faith and devotion to a particular religion is that it implicates the whole team, and in this case the entire Broncos organization, and apparently all of Denver and the entire state of Colorado.

I believe that individual athletes and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes should respect the fact that not all of their teammates share their faith or their religious fervor and should adjust their behavior to reflect that fact. There is also that thing about praying in secret and being rewarded openly ...

The overall effect of an individual publicly acknowledging the presence or intervention of his/her “Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” is more exclusive than inclusive, just the opposite of teamwork.

Need I point out that similar expressions of personal devotion by adherents of any other religion would not be tolerated for long, in spite of the general recognition that we live in a society which is ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse?

“Which way is Mecca? I need to roll out my prayer rug and say a few ‘Allahs’ to warm up.” “I’ll build a circle of rocks down here by the end zone and meditate before the game ...” “I wonder if the waterboy will look after this live chicken until half time?” “I’ll just set up a little spirit house and burn some incense over here by the Gatorade stand ...”

We are subjected to blatant personal references to intervention by the Almighty from athletes, recording artists, movie stars and other public personae with alarming frequency. I am heartened that at least one contemporary protestant theologian places such behavior under the original meaning of the commandment against “taking the name of the Lord in vain.”

I just call it unnecessary and annoying trivialization of religion. But take it as far as you like: does God watch Tebow on the giant flatscreen 3D Trinitytron in His God-cave in the sky? Does He have Dish or Dishnet TV? I guess He gets all channels ... at once!

Couldn’t He deliver us from all those numbing official reviews and just tell us who gets the ball? How far are we from, “I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ... wait, I AM my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!”

Hey, Tebow, you started it!

Dean Wilkins

Holyoke Enterprise January 26, 2012