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Preschoolers sail through the seasons at Dragon's Wagon program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Summer, winter, spring and fall­—Dragon’s Wagon Preschoolers sang about them all.

“Sailing through the Seasons” was the theme for the annual preschool program held in the HHS auditorium Friday, May 6.

Preschool students entertained with songs and rhymes, decked out in colorful head pieces and hand-held props.

Flowers, snowflakes, leaves, raindrops, bumblebees, cornstalks and more graced the stage as proud students shared their songs.

A successful auction was held during the program, with numerous items going to generous bidders as part of the fund-raising activity for the local preschool.

A silent auction was a new addition this year, with winners announced during the evening program.

“The Days of Spring” is the theme for this group of preschoolers’ frontline program Friday. Pictured
from left are Marren Dirks, Lucy Iniguez, Dahira Castillo Márquez, Briana Tena, Fatima Núñez and
Mason Powell.           —Enterprise photo

Children who will not be entering kindergarten next fall opened the “Sailing through the Seasons” program Friday.

“Four in One” featured Eseban Rojas, Ramiro Rodriguez, Sophia Bencomo and Layna Wear.

“The Days of Spring” included Irving Bencomo Dominguez, Marren Dirks, Lucy Iniguez, Dahira Castillo Márquez, Briana Tena, Fatima Núñez and Mason Powell.

Jesus Solorazano, Jaidah Elmquist, Gage Helgoth, Kinsey Rahe, Chase Guthrie and Brandon Talich presented “Summer Sun.”

Parker Steggs, Alicia Torres, Gustavo Goytia, Fatima Castillo, Ivan Valenzuela and Vanessa Vega Quintana sang “Oh, When the Leaves.”

“Snowkey Pokey” included Thomas Diaz, Abbie Dille, Luke Roberts, Sebastien Lopez, Kegan Beard, Lucinda Mares and Nicole Schlachter.

“The Seasons” concluded the first group’s show and featured Grace Hubbard, Lesley Leon Leyva, Courtlyn Kinnie and Isabelle Kropp.

Students who will enter kindergarten in August performed the second half of Friday’s program. Following their seasonal rhymes, each was presented a graduation certificate by preschool staff.

Marcia Walter serves as director for Dragon’s Wagon, with Joan Owens as assistant director. Melyssa Davis and Erin Lindholm are aides, while Nancy Miles serves as a BOCES aide.

“Do the Raindrops Fall” entertainers are pictured from left,
Edel Ramos, Katelyn Kropp and Chase Johnson.     —Enterprise photo

“Four Seasons” opened the second group’s portion of the program with David Santiesteban, Karlie Martin, Hannah Lindholm, Jorge Ramirez, Areli Cruz Mendoza and Ivan Castillo.

“Do the Raindrops Fall” featured Tucker Keith, Delvin Márquez, Edel Ramos, Katelyn Kropp, Chase Johnson and Anna Hayes.

“Summer Bugs” included Madison Warner, Jessica Owens, Payton Ferguson, Annette Trejo, Cash Weber and Carter Van Overbeke.

“I’m a Little Cornstalk” brought Caden Sporhase, Eduardo Solis, Evan Legarreta, Ty Guthrie and Eduardo Hermosillo to the front of the stage.

Leslie Carrasco Brown, Corben Rosales, Omar Hernandez Ramirez, Isaac Cummings and Andrew Márquez stepped forward for “Winter Sky.”

“Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring” ended the program and featured Skiustin Matos Gomez, Tyson Mosenteen, Yoselin Peña and Keegan Colglazier.

A spaghetti supper kicked off Friday’s evening of entertainment and fund raising for Dragon’s Wagon Preschool.

“I’m a Little Cornstalk” is sung with gusto by pre-kindergarten members at Dragon’s Wagon Preschool
in their year-end program Friday, May 6. Cornstalks are pictured from left, Caden Sporhase, Eduardo
Solis, Evan Legarreta, Ty Guthrie and Eduardo Hermosillo.        —Enterprise photo