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Written by Lori Pankonin, The Imperial Republican   

Royal bride shows similar genuineness as Lady Di

Commoner Kate Middleton definitely gave up any privacy in her life by falling in love with Prince William.

Despite the fame and having millions of people around the world taking notice of every step she takes, she has that genuine look of compassion toward her new groom. She wears a gorgeous natural smile, giving a hint that she’ll remain admirably down to earth.

Comparisons to the royal wedding of 30 years ago are fluent. People truly did love Princess Diana and one news commentator indicated that much of the gathered crowd was there due to their continued compassion for the groom’s mother. My guess would be that this event sparked enough British interest to draw a crowd on its own.

I’m sure Kate longs to maintain some of her own independence, however having people liken her kindness to her deceased mother-in-law is a good thing in my book.

The 1981 Royal wedding happened in my first years of marriage and sharing timing on a first pregnancy with Lady Di made me see the common human motherly side of her. Of course it wasn’t hard for anyone to see her sincere sense of caring for others.

“Normal” hardly falls into the vocabulary when looking at royalty lifestyle. The projected $80,000 cake cost alone for this wedding reception could provide more than one extremely extravagant wedding in this territory, complete with a lavish honeymoon.

Of course it wasn’t just the wedding. $32 million for security and $64,000 for cleaning up after a million people is beyond comprehension. Government withstood those expenses but as was pointed out, tourism dollars no doubt flowed quite fluently as well.

Good Morning America featured a replica of Duchess Catherine’s dress just four days after the actual dress met the public’s eyes. Designers instantly started sketches. These particular New York designers had the beginning of the dress already on a mannequin within hours. Other news stories reported on one designer having a perfect replica within 24 hours.

The Good Morning America version had lace supposedly dyed to the perfect shade with a Lipton teabag. Now how British appropriate is that!

The cost? This designer priced the replica at $3,700. Seems like a high-priced dress but a mere fraction of the $434,000 charged by the royal bride’s dress designer. Who knows how true that detail is but whatever the case, even 10 percent of that is ridiculous!

So word has it that after the couple’s first night in Buckingham Palace they were off in a helicopter the next day to an undisclosed destination. And a later honeymoon supposedly includes Hollywood and the U.S.A.

Privacy? It’s not going to happen. The Internet shows detail of their conversations during the day from a professional lip reader. Pictures display what their first child could look like.

Royalty life? I think I’ll stick with a down-to-earth Midwestern lifestyle (not that I have a choice).