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The Laughing Mom: humorous tales of motherhood PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Pfaltzgraff   

The opportunities of motherhood

Becoming a mother is an opportunity to develop into a better, more efficient person. For instance, your ability to multitask increases tenfold. Why, just the other day I could be found at Wal-Mart pushing a cart, talking on my cell phone and chiding my toddler all while nursing my infant.

All of the activities are second nature to me, so it just sort of happened. And the strange looks on the faces of strangers passing by? Well, that was jealousy of my multitasking abilities, I’m sure.

Patience is another area in which mothers grow. It’s like a muscle. Your patience gets worked to the point it hurts and through that pain grows stronger. If it really was a muscle, I could do professional weight lifting! Melise, my toddler, is like my coach.

She arranges for regular workouts of my patience. Oh yes, she plans her defiance, sneaky deeds and mess-making adventures each day to help build me to my greatest potential. My baby, Alina, gives me surprise marathons of crying to exercise my patience, as well. They really are looking out for my health.

Moms grow a tough shell, too. The bodily fluids that we see and clean up are tremendous. They vary in color and texture—it’s so exciting! Babies excrete spit-up and poop multiple times per day. Melise, like most toddlers, enjoys tasting everything she comes in contact with. I have witnessed her tasting her own earwax and snot and managed not to gag—a skill I’m quite proud of.

But I didn’t want to ask too many questions when she told me one day that her diaper was poopy while she was sucking on her finger. With children, there is no room for squeamishness, that’s for sure!

Ah, dear readers, I hope you know that I’ve been joking with you. Mothers do grow as people, of course they do. Multitasking, patience and toughness are all areas where mothers excel, not to mention empathy, responsibility and sense of humor. If a mother didn’t grow in those areas she wouldn’t survive! But there isn’t a single mom out there who said to themselves, “I want to have kids so that I can become a better person!” Heck no.

I suppose there are as many reasons to become a mother as there are children in the world. As for myself, I don’t think I could have described my reasons. It sort of called to me, I think. Maybe it was the ticking clock that got me. Whatever I thought the reasons were back then, they have now been replaced with a million other things.

Melise telling a joke that no one can understand except herself and then laughing at it. Alina turning her head at the sound of my voice. Melise helping Alina move her hands to the beat of music. Alina falling asleep on my shoulder. Melise spontaneously saying, “I love you, Mommy.” Every moment counts off another reason.

The rewards of motherhood are in the journey itself, I think, and the true opportunity is the loving relationship a mom has with her kids. I hope every mom takes the time to remember those millions of moments this Mother’s Day. And, if you are in a good mood, take time to laugh about all the opportunities for personal growth that your children gave you!