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Year-end school reports shared PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   

At the end of the 2010-11 school year, reports of accomplishments and focus areas for next year were shared by Holyoke Elementary Principal Kyle Stumpf and JR/SR High Principal Susan Ortner.

These reports were given at the June 1 meeting of the Re-1J Board of Education.

Additionally, Supt. Bret Miles reported on the five teams involved in shared leadership during his first school year as superintendent.

Miles reported on the activities of the technology, superintendent’s advisory, standard of excellence, leadership team and budget and facilities committees.

“I am proud to work in a place where so many are willing to step up and give extra time for these groups,” said Miles, in praising staff and community members for their committee involvement.

Elem. school year reviewed

Principal Stumpf presented 10 accomplishments/highlights of the school year at Holyoke Elementary at last week’s board meeting. They included:

­—school district operating with a balanced budget.

—administration more visible to students.

—standard-based report card implemented in K-2.

—elementary accountability committee process more formal and productive.

—overall cleanliness of school building is better, especially the restrooms, classrooms and entryway.

—communication between school and parents has improved.

—procedure process has been established for decisions made in the buildings and district.

—Box Tops funds were used to pilot Blackboard Connect parent notification system.

—Box Tops raised over $750 for the school year.

—technology focus for both staff and students.

Focus for 2010-11 will be:

—establish better method of sharing student data and accomplishments with parents.

—continue to focus district and organization funds on professional development for technology or to fund additional technology.

—look into after school programs to benefit all K-6 students.

—continue to monitor the budget and make suggestions when and where needed.

—help support increasing student achievement at all grade levels and with all forms of ethnic diversity.

Stumpf reported K-5 attendance rate in 2009-10 was 94 percent, compared to 95 percent the previous year.

Discipline areas to improve on for 2010-11 include disrespect issues on playground and in classroom and non-compliance issues on playground and classroom.

Other accomplishments were touted by Stumpf in terms of building goal achievements for 2009-10.

He noted the curriculum process has now shifted from what staff teaches to how staff can teach better.

Other highlights note Response to Intervention process has been started, kindergarten round-up meets the needs and desires of the district and Dragon’s Wagon Preschool and elementary school relationship is good.

Stumpf mentioned improvements in technology, Blackboard Connect parent notification system and IXL math software as positives.

He also noted the PIE Carnival generated over $2,500 for technology. His final highlight cited excitement for teaching.

JR/SR High reviewed

Reviewing attendance comparisons for Holyoke JR/SR High, Principal Ortner noted excused absences were up and unexcused absences decisively lower in 2009-10 than the previous school year.

Discipline incident reports for 2009-10 showed more in-school suspensions (ISS), but far less out-of-school (OSS) suspensions.

Twenty-five total days on five incidents involving four students were reported for grade 6-12 OSS this year, compared to 103 days on 21 incidents involving 15 students last year.

ISS incidents this year involved 95 total days on 41 incidents involving 33 students. This compared to 52 days on 29 incidents involving 26 students last year.

Ortner noted HHS 10th graders beat the national norms in every single category in NWEA testing.

Other highlights from Holyoke JR/SR High for 2009-10 included a 100 percent Positive Behavior System (PBS) Schoolwide Evaluation Tool (SET) score and a total of $1,467,794 scholarship funds earned by the senior class.

Ortner also pointed out English as a Second Language (ESL) data which indicated 74 percent of students showed growth on the CELA test in overall proficiency scores.

She noted 83 percent of JH students and 88 percent of HS students were involved in extra-curricular activities in 2009-10, with numerous achievements to celebrate.

Six academic improvement plan goals were embraced by faculty committees, and their accomplishments were reported by Ortner.

1. The goal to close the achievement gap in writing between boys and girls appears to have improved, based on NWEA test results. Ortner said they would like to continue to work in this area again next year.

2. Closing the gap between hispanic and caucasian students in writing was the next goal. Together with the leadership team, the district will bring “Every Child a Writer” training in as one of the professional development strands for 2010-11.

3. Focusing on unsatisfactory math students to improve their math CSAP scores, this group collected data and readjusted the cutoff score for appropriate pre-algebra placement.

4. Targeting an increase in the number of boys scoring proficient on CSAP tests was the next goal. The group will need to see CSAP gender data in the fall and will continue to refine and implement strategies to eliminate gender gaps.

5. To help students improve reading comprehension scores, the social studies department team focused collaborative time together on curriculum development.

6. The final goal looked at reducing discipline referrals and increasing overall academic performance of at-risk students. The district has scheduled intervention classes in reading and math in the 2010-11 schedule, and students will be assigned to these based on NWEA and CSAP data.