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Gardner keynotes Phillips Co. annual Republican gathering PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   

“Great news about the front lines—Republicans are advancing,” said Cory Gardner, representative in Colorado House Dist. 63, from Yuma.

Gardner addressed a crowd of close to 100 at the Sunday, Jan. 31 Phillips County Lincoln Day luncheon held at the new Event Center in Holyoke.

Gardner, as well as a number of other Republican candidates who pitched their campaigns at Sunday’s program, touted recent Republican victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Last fall, Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican governors who took office in January. Scott Brown’s Jan. 19 victory in a Massachusetts special election was promoted by Gardner as a historical turning point. Brown won the election for the U.S. Senate seat left open with the death of Democrat Edward M. Kennedy.

Gardner emphasized the strong message this sends to Washington D.C., adding, “The era of arrogancy is over.”

“Let’s end the era of big government takeovers,” said Gardner. He suggested using the opportunity to move forward with this huge Republican victory to put a stop to spending in Washington, balance the budget and defeat massive tax increases like cap and trade and health care.

In 2010 politicians need to be held accountable. “It’s high time we put the people first,” said Sunday’s speaker.

Excited for elections in the fall, Gardner was enthusiastic about the turning tide, saying victory is in store.

Citing the need for solutions, Gardner referenced the Republican 2010 plan. “First, we must stop spending in Washington D.C.,” he said. Gardner emphasized not only controlling the amount of spending, but decreasing the nation’s debt.

“We also need to balance the budget,” said Gardner. “We cannot spend our way out of a recession.” He added 70 percent of jobs saved or created by stimulus funds ended up in government.

Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of people to create jobs was promoted by Gardner.

The first thing in the 2010 plan is to create American energy zones to secure energy future, said Gardner.

Citing other points in the plan, Gardner said, “We must pursue broad-based tax relief, put the death tax away permanently, put profit back into agriculture, continue to work for water solutions, continue to work on renewable energy and we must come forward with solutions.”

“When we go to Washington and Denver, we must act on the promises we made,” added Gardner, noting it’s time for principled leadership.

“What have you done for freedom today?” reads a poster in Gardner’s office in Yuma.

“Friends, the fate of our country is up to us,” concluded Gardner, thanking those in attendance for their support and time. “Now, let’s get it done,” he added.

Holyoke students share Voice of Democracy speeches

As part of Sunday’s program, three 2009 award-winning Voice of Democracy speeches were given by Holyoke High School students Sarah Heermann, Elise Nelson and Austin Killin.

Jeremy Loutensock joined those three in introducing the county, state and national candidates or candidate representatives who were given a brief time to speak.

Republican principles and personal goals and backgrounds were highlighted by all candidates.

Gardner is seeking to win the Republican primary to face incumbent Rep. Betsy Markey from Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District. Representatives also spoke to the Phillips County Republicans for Diggs Brown and Tom Lucero, who have the same goal.

Four Phillips County officials announced their intent to seek re-election in 2010. An accompanying article cites all county, state and national candidates who spoke or were represented by promoters at Sunday’s program.

Phillips County Republican Central Committee chair Deb Carlstrom gave the welcome and HHS government teacher John Ortner gave the invocation and led the pledge Sunday. Julie Wiebke announced results for the silent auction held that day.

Republicans were reminded of precinct caucuses Tuesday, March 16 at 7 p.m., the Phillips County Republican Assembly Saturday, March 27 at 9 a.m. at the Peerless Center in Holyoke and the Colorado State Republican Assembly May 22 in Loveland.