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Caption Contest Winners PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
Caption Contest Grand Prize Winners

Troy Stewart — $25 Holyoke Scrip (adult)

Claudia Krogmeier — Peerless Movie Passes (youth)

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions!

*Because of the limited number of youth entries, all captions were combined into the same voting category.

#1 — Let me tell you.... This is not my first rodeo. (Wade Warren)

#2 — Don't tell your mom, but I bought off the judges. (Nancy Berges)

#3 — This is NOT happening!! (Marie Skov)

#4 — Bring It On! (Francisco Quintana)

#5 — I'm gonna hold my breath until you fall down! (Troy Stewart)

#6 — I told you not to throw the coin that high on a coin toss!
         It is stuck in the ceiling! (Troy Stewart)

#7 — Are they going to publish this picture? (Troy Stewart)

#8 — P90X Fitness Challenge—Day 1. (Wade Warren)

#9 — He really CAN sing soprano. (Wade Warren)

#10 — I wanted a 'Snuggie' for Christmas! (Wade Warren)

#11 — This play is called the 'Octopus.' (Wade Warren)

#12 — That is John's third dessert! (Troy Stewart)