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How to look better this holiday season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

No matter if you’re going to a holiday party at work or to a family get-together, this season we all want to look our best.

Neatness and good grooming are “in” this year. And you need to be sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. You don’t want to show up in formal attire for a casual office party or vice-versa.

Here’s how to look the best this season:

—Dress right for the party: If one is attending a holiday party with co-workers, be sure to dress—and behave—conservatively. Unless it’s a formal shindig, both men and women should go business casual. Men should beware of gaudy holiday ties, while women should go easy on both jewelry and make-up.

—Neatness counts: Nobody wants to spend time with a messy party guest. Crisply pressed clothes project a confident image and show you pay attention to detail. Use a clothing iron with a pointed tip and a double-pointed soleplate, to smooth out tight spots like collars, buttons and cuffs. These spots are the first things people notice and you don’t want them wrinkled.

—Grooming is key: Just because it’s a celebratory season, doesn’t mean you should be a slovenly reveler. Especially when one dresses casual, grooming is crucial. Hair should be neat, don’t skip that shower or bath, and men should be cleanly shaved or have well-trimmed beards. Never go light on the grooming!

—Fast fixes: Are you late for the party and all wrinkled? Did your clothing get rumpled in your luggage on the trip home for the holidays? If you’re in a hurry, use the steam setting on an iron and gently hover over wrinkles, smoothing out the warm fabric with a hand.

If a complete ironing is needed quickly, use an iron with a bigger surface area, more steamholes and a double-pointed soleplate, which will eliminate 25 percent from ironing time. Always travel with a sewing kit to reattach buttons and mend hems.

—Look great without spending on dry cleaning: Dry cleaning can be expensive and add yet another errand to the list during this busy season. Some clothing, like sweaters, may be labeled dry clean only but can be washed at home in a garment bag on the gentle cycle using gentle detergent. If pants or blouses aren’t dirty, just wrinkled, return them to perfect condition with a precision iron.

One can also avoid dry cleaning by using different settings on the iron, such as for silk, or smoothing out the front crease of the pants with a iron. You can extend the life of certain clothing by dry cleaning items less frequently.

Of course, another way to look good this holiday season is to skip that extra piece of pie or holiday cookie.