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Making household chores easier PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

From cleaning the bathroom to ironing to dusting, everyone has some household chores he or she dislikes. However, those chores people avoid the most may be different than the ones the neighbor dislikes. Here are some shortcuts and tricks to make the worst household duties easier:

—Dust and clean smarter: Use a lint roller to remove dust on cloth lampshades and drapery. To keep fabrics looking and smelling fresh, use a hand-held steamer or the steam setting on the iron and gently hover over the material. To save time on hard surfaces, use dusting cloths that are infused with cleaner. When it comes to getting rid of stains on walls, use one of those new pads with cleanser built-in. This obviates the need for spray cleaner and sponges.

—Iron faster: Approximately two-thirds of people who iron their clothes do it to save money, according to a recent survey from Panasonic. This still doesn’t make it fun. One way to get away with less ironing if one will be wearing a jacket all day, is to only iron a shirt’s collar, cuffs and the middle of its front. Reduce ironing time on all items by choosing an iron with a double-pointed and oversized soleplate, whose unique elliptical shape and design cuts ironing time by as much as 25 percent.

—Cut bathroom scrubbing time: Let toilet cleaner soak in the bowl while you wipe down the sink and the outside of the toilet. This loosens dirt and stains in the bowl, cutting scrubbing time. A few times a week, before taking a shower, spray the tub with cleanser, let it stand for up to 10 minutes and then quickly wipe it down before showering.

—Attack the oven and microwave: Once a month on a night when eating out or getting takeout, spray oven cleaner in the oven. After dinner, easily wipe away the grime. Another trick is to heat up a cup of water containing lemon wedges inside the microwave. The steam helps loosen caked-on food, allowing one to effortlessly wipe away dirt and leaves behind a fresh scent.

—Let technology help: Just as technology improved tasks in the workplace, so can it help at home. Use a drop-in toilet cleaner dispenser, so the need to manually clean will be less often. Cut ironing time by choosing an iron that has adjustable steam from all steam holes to tackle large areas without repeated attempts. Use a vacuum cleaner with an integrated HEPA filter so dust isn’t recycled into your home.

Above all, clean household messes when they are fresh—before stains set, clutter builds or dirt gets ground-in. This cuts cleaning time in the long run.